Wirerope Clips

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Let Staalkabelstunter spoil you with the very best wire clamps! With a wire clamp, or also called a cable clamp or a steel cable clamp, an end connection can be made to a wire in a simple manner.

The best wire clamps come from Staalkabelstunter. 

Use only the very best materials for your work: we can assure you that Staalkabelstunter has the best wire clamps!

Wire rope clips:

Standard stainless steel
Standard (galvanized)
Simplex clips stainless steel
Duplex clips stainless steel
Egg-shaped clamp stainless steel
Clamping ring
Clamp ring, heavy
Clamp stopper
Cross clamp
Stainless steel ferrules
Ferrules copper
Ferrules aluminum
Press sleeves round (copper)

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