Stainless Steel wire rope

Stainless steel cables did not just arise. They were once developed for situations where cables are required but where no rust should form and where high temperatures are used. Think of the chemical industry, aviation and so on. Another word for stainless steel is stainless steel.

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Wire Rope stainless 20 meter 3mm

Steel wire reel Stainless steel 20 meters 3mm

€35,95 €29,95



Stainless Cable Railing Kit/Garden Wire

Stainless Heavy Steel Cable Rope, Turnbuckle Wire Tensioner Cable Railing Kit/Garden Wire/Espalier Wire Kit/Wire Fence Roll Kit/Outdoor String Light Suspension Kit,

€52,15 €49,95


stainless Wire Rope 8 mm a length of 20 meter

Stainless steel cable 8 mm - 20 meters on reel steel wire 8mm stainless steel

stainless Wire Rope 1 mm 1000 meter huge coil

Steel cable stainless steel 1 mm - 1000 meters on reel. Stainless steel wire rope of 1 mm thick. Big roll.


stainless Wire Rope 1,5 mm a length of 50 meter

Stainless steel cable 1.5 mm 50 meters on reel

€27,50 €21,80