Duplex wire clamp with 2 nuts

Duplex wire clamps are equipped with 2 standard nuts. In normal use, these will not loosen. This is because when tightening the bolt and nut are under tension. Because of this, loosening is not possible. Cleverly designed without washers or locknuts.  Besides being used in combination with steel wire rope, these clamps are also often used with rope.

The duplex clamps are available in cable sizes from 2 to 10 mm.  The materials are iron galvanized and stainless steel. 

The duplex wire rope clamp is a flat wire rope clamp, has very flexible characteristics. It is an essential wire rope clamp commonly used in fixed wire rope or cord accessories, we also have simplex wire rope clamp for your option.

Material: Carbon steel / stainless steel

Surface: Electronically Galvanized / stainless steel

Size: From 2 mm to 10 mm

Application: Not suitable for overhead lifting

Made by plate and wire forming not forged, so mass products will be finished very quickly and its price will be very competitive.

Only suitable for 7*19 construction wire rope which diameter ropes size from 2mm to 10mm in general, are not suitable for 1×19 or 1×7 strand steel ropes or 7×7 construction of 4mm and above. 

The breaking load of the metal wire clamp is about 80% of the breaking load of the cable
Steel Clamp HS Code: 732690



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