Complete packages with tools, steel cable and mounting material

Tool kit - packages with tools and attachment for the steel cable.

Industrial interior design has found its way into many homes over the past decade. This has resulted in a form that is both functional and stylish. The industrial style of living originated from a love of that typical warehouse look: large open spaces, unfinished, robust. High ceilings, steel windows and concrete ceilings & floors. A cooler colour palette is also used: black, white, shades of grey, light green and brown. These colours go perfectly with the characteristic materials of this style: concrete, lime, wood, brick, steel cable and leather. Do you want this look in your home? Read on for some tips and ideas!
Toolkit for simple steel staircases with balustrades.

Actually it is very simple: an industrial interior is characterised by the use of different colours, materials and accessories. Use steel cables, leather, concrete, bricks and wood. If you play around with these different colours and materials, you quickly get a fantastic minimalist interior.
Our tool kits with tools and fixings for the steel cable offer a stable and beautiful solution for balustrades and railings in industrial and private environments. The balustrades are primarily made from steel cable. This makes them versatile enough to fit in with most architectural styles. Wooden elements are also often used in industrial design. However, keep the wooden and metal elements separate or combine them with concrete for a more modern look. It is the combination of these elements and materials that makes the industrial style so unique.

A balustrade is really easy to make yourself with our toolkit of tools and steel cable attachment. The fixing can be done on the wall, so a steel cable with a screw eye is perfectly suited for this. Attach the screw eye to the end of the cable and you make the balustrade exactly as you want it. We attached the eye terminal to the wall, but it is just as easy to attach a stainless steel eye terminal to a metal or wooden stand.
Our steel cable sets are precision manufactured from high quality stainless steel, giving them durability and a timeless look. Together with a wide variety of end finishes, the possible combinations are truly endless.

Toolkit for different types of industrial lamps
There are many different types of industrial lamps for light cord packages. Think of large, robust lamps such as a factory lamp. These lamps immediately give your interior a tough and rugged look, but also bring a lot of atmosphere into your home. To complete the look, attach these large, metal lamps to your ceiling using a light cord or steel cable package. If you already have a lot of big and bulky elements in your interior, opt for a lighter model such as a wire lamp.
Our tool kits with tools and fasteners for the steel cable require almost no maintenance and retain their look for a long time. This also makes them eminently suitable for decorative use. With our huge range of steel cables, end finishes and accessories, we can provide solutions for almost any architectural challenge. Whether it is railing cables, works of art, facade landscaping - for every architectural application of steel cables we have a suitable component.
Go for robust, go for big

Because the basis of an industrial interior is neutral, you need sturdy eye-catchers to take your space to the next level. This could be a metal staircase with a balustrade, a robust piece of furniture or a lamp on a steel cable.
Make sure you continue to use authentic, natural materials throughout the space. A leather sofa, a steel locker, a life-size painting, a scaffoldwood dining table with a metal base... Surrender and let go of the urge for perfection. See the beauty in flaking paintwork or a few dents or a scratch here or there. The fact that these pieces have had a completely different life gives them just that little bit more character.
Maintenance and service
Our tool kits with tools and fasteners for the steel cable are corrosion-resistant and surprisingly budget-friendly. Their fastening methods, clamps and turnbuckles are easy to adjust and the steel wire ropes themselves do not require much maintenance: only regular tension adjustments. The quality of our steel wire rope products is matched by our service. From the design to the installation and maintenance of your steel wire rope construction, we offer advice and support during all phases of your project.



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