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What is Inox

Buy your steel cable or steel wire at the Staalkabelstunter is the website for everything in the field of cables and accessories. Here you will find everything we have in our wide range of steel wire rope, all types and sizes available and everything is in stock. We supply to both companies and individuals. is the specialist in the field of steel wire.

All steel wire from our store is supplied from stock. Also for accessories such as wire clamps and steel wire tools you have come to the right place in our store. In the webshop you can find: galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire, plasticized steel wire, iron wire, patio cables, clotheslines, locks, fasteners, winches and materials for the boat. Of course we can also deliver your orders completely customized. Galvanized steel wire rope One of the most appreciated properties of zinc is its good resistance to corrosion. Galvanized steel wire is often used when the steel wire must have good resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel wire rope Steel wires that are made from stainless (SS) steel wire are highly resistant to corrosion and are also resistant to a temperature of 250°C.

Stainless steel cables have been developed for places where absolutely no corrosion may occur and where high temperatures can occur. Examples include water sports, the awning industry, the chemical industry, aviation and the food industry. In recent years, this durable product has been used to an increasing extent. Various architectural highlights are also characterized by the use of stainless steel wire rope. The choice of diameter of a steel wire is often related to the desired breaking strength of a cable. The rule here is: the thicker the cable, the stronger it will be. Almost every steel wire rope has an end connection. End joints can be distinguished into permanent and non-permanent end joints. Permanent end joints are usually made if a cable does not need to be adjusted in length after production. A non-permanent end connection is used if a steel wire rope is assembled on location or if the cable might need to be shortened at a later stage. Of course we can provide you with all kinds of end connections for the cables or make them according to your specific wishes. In addition to the stainless steel wire rope, we also have stainless steel shackles that are suitable for all lifting purposes. is the webshop with handy products for competitive prices and an order with us is never just an order: we take great care of it and make something nice out of it! has been a specialist in the field of (steel) cables for many years. Through our years of experience and excellent contacts with suppliers we have become a real specialist. As you know, steel wire rope for the most diverse purposes. Therefore we have a large stock of cables in all designs and sizes to always meet your demand. At you will only find cables from the best manufacturers that all belong to the best products on the market. In recent years, stainless steel cables are increasingly used in construction for fences and stairs. They are lightweight, beautiful to look at, completely recyclable and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. We are already working with a large number of architects to be able to realize these constructions because in many cases the appearance of stainless steel cables in combination with other materials is the solution for architectural highlights. Especially when it comes to functional fencing of e.g. balustrades, bridge sections, fences or simply the embellishment of a house. But as you know, hoisting and lifting are activities that always involve a certain amount of risk. De can give you expert advice on these risks and discuss with you exactly which details you should pay attention to. In addition, we are a company with a keen eye on costs and returns. So with us you will always be at the best price. For every order, whether large or small, we will do everything we can to bring it to the best possible result. For and with you, our customer.

At all accessories can be ordered separately and this provides a significant purchasing advantage. Increasingly, provides in addition to the extensive program also customization. Such as special lengths, cables with customized loops and special compositions. Our orders are usually delivered to the customer at lightning speed. We will deliver all your orders in an efficient and correct way. Our products are in stock on the shelf and can therefore be delivered immediately.


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