Slimline Furniture cables

Slimline cable - the innovative terrace cable for the hospitality industry!

You probably know the problem that you like to have in the evening, when you go away for the weekend or on vacation, to secure all your garden furniture together, so that nothing can be stolen and you notice that the cable is too thick, to fit through the holes in your garden chairs. This is probably because the loops at each end of the cable, through which you pass the padlock, are too large for modern garden furniture.

Nowadays, almost all outdoor furniture has a sleek and modern design and that does not include large openings. Staalkabelstunter has now found something on this. Especially for this problem, this cable specialist has designed a cable that fits through an opening of 14mm and is therefore also suitable for securing the newer garden furniture.

This specially designed cable is called the Slimline cable and is available exclusively from the expert in this field. The Slimline cable has a very long life span and, despite the fact that it will be used mostly outside, will not weather. The Slimline cable will not rust and is resistant to wear and tear.
The cable of this new brand is only 11mm thick and is available in orange which stands out well or in black, which is not disturbing in any environment. You can also use the Slimline cable for other purposes. For example, to lock a bicycle with a narrow frame or for use in shipping.

You can also use this cable for stabilizing ladders, for securing garden benches, parasol bases or tools or for securing outdoor toys for the children, such as a climbing frame or a slide, so that they can't be moved by the children themselves or stolen by someone with bad intentions.
If you are in the hospitality industry and want to lock up a whole terrace, then it might be wise to use the Slimline cable in combination with an equal-key padlock, so that several people have a key to the same lock and you never have to wait with the construction of the terrace for the person who has the key.
Check the length of the cable that you need and if you can't work it out, you can always ask a specialist for help. The Slimline cable can easily be ordered online and it will be delivered to your home as soon as possible.



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