Shade cloth and harmonica cloth fixing material in 1 package

Can you already see yourself in that cosy pergola? Under your own roof, cosily decorated, out of the sun but still in the warmth? A harmonica or shade roof probably suits your dream garden perfectly. A veranda with a roof can take away the necessary light, which is why a shade cloth is the perfect solution.
A pergola with a shade cloth is, of course, much cheaper to buy than a veranda. Maybe that is the reason why the pergola with a shade screen is so popular. It brings atmosphere into the garden, a cosy place to sit together out of the sun and yet still enjoy the warmth. The shade cloths, which can be used with a harmonica or shade cloth package for a pergola, can be roughly divided into two types: permeable and waterproof. The difference is already apparent from the name. One is waterproof and the other is not.
Harmonic or Shade Fabric Package for a Pergola
On our website, you can see the 14-piece assembly kit for attaching a harmonica or shade cloth package to a pergola.
The harmonica- or shading cover package consists of:
- 6 fixing plates
- 6 adjusting screws
- One wrench
- 1 reel stainless steel cable 3mm/20m
Tip from a professional: a wire clamping bit is available for the bolt that clamps the wire. You can order this separately.
Where can I mount my Shade Fabric?
When assembling a Shade Fabric it is important to first determine where and how you want to hang the Shade Fabric. Can you use an existing facade, a pole or another fixed point to which you can attach it? Or do you need to drive stakes for the installation of the pergola? On the internet you can find various pergolas for shade cloths/shade cloths.
How do I fix my shade screen?
- Fixation to a stone wall: if you place one or more fixation points on a stone wall, we advise you to choose a stainless steel bolt with eye.
- Fixation on a wooden or synthetic facade: when fixing on a wooden or synthetic facade, you can choose a stainless steel plate with eye. It is important that the facade cladding is properly secured and that you place the plate with eye at a point where there is a beam behind the facade cladding. In wind and bad weather, a lot of force is applied to the shade screen. This is not a problem as long as the mounting is done according to the instructions.
- Fixation to a wooden pole: You can fix the shades to a wooden pole with a stainless steel plate with an eye or with a stainless steel bolt with an eye (depending on the thickness of the pole).
How do I attach the shade screen to a wall?
You have now determined the attachment points on your facade or on a pole. Now we are going to fix the shade cloth with the materials from the harmonica- or shade cloth package for in a pergola per point.
We mount the square shade cloth (4 points) twice on a stone wall and twice on a pole.
- We start at the gable end. Do you have a stone wall with two fixing points? Then use two stainless steel hollow bolts.
- Now we determine the position of the stainless steel lifting bolt or the stainless steel plate with eye. As mentioned before, we charge 40cm extra per side for the attachment of the materials. For a Shade Fabric of 360cm wide, we place the eyelets 400cm apart.
- You want the shade cloth to be as close as possible to the gable so on the gable side we work with a direct connection between the fixing points on the gable and the stainless steel eye on the cloth.
- These connections are made with a stainless steel clamping nut. If the shade cloth is not wider or longer than 360cm, you can choose the stainless steel clamping nut M8. If you have a larger size, you can choose a stainless steel clamping nut M10.
- Now we have finished one side of the canvas. Now we have to look at the other side, which is mounted on two poles. You have two options, a wooden pole or a metal pole. (See above).
In the case of a triangular shade screen, the assembly works the same, only then you don't have four but three fastening points. But that speaks for itself, right?
Can you not decide where you want to place the shade cloth or do you have any questions about our harmonica- or shade cloth package for a pergola? Please contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.



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