Winches and hoists

Looking for a sturdy hand winch?

Staalkabelstunter has several models and always the winch that fits you. There are also the hoists that can be used from 2 attachment points. Everything in stock and next working day at home!

At the time you need a winch, you're at Staalkabelstunter all right. As a specialist in the field of winches, we have everything in house to make you succeed in this area. So you make use of the following advantages when it comes to winches:

Many applications: A winch can be used for many different purposes. With a winch you span cables, strengthen fences or use it for industrial applications or water sports. It just depends on what you think you need the winch for. However, it is good to know that winches in general have many different uses.
High pulling power: The winches from Staalkabelstunter all have a high pulling power. Whether you are looking for a pull of, for example, 500 kilograms or 4000 kilograms doesn't matter. Both options are well possible with us. So are you looking for a winch with a relatively high pulling power? Then click directly on one of the options offered on this page.
Optimal ratio between price and quality: Furthermore, it is of course the art of finding the perfect balance between price and quality when it comes to winches. We at Staalkabelstunter believe we have succeeded in this. You will find a winch of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.

Do you currently need a winch? And would you like to get it as soon as possible to start some work? Then don't wait any longer and go through all the options we currently offer in terms of winches on this page. Should you have any questions or need more information about winches, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to assist you.

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