Stainless steel Press Clamp

Stainless Steel Swage Sleeves, the Special Connector.

When you want to create a loop in stainless steel wire rope, a copper wire clamp is the obvious choice. However, there are situations where copper is not allowed.

This can be the case in situations where there is a risk of corrosion, or metal connections that are not permitted under specific circumstances.

For instance, in many cases in the food processing industry, the use of copper is prohibited. In such cases, the stainless steel swage sleeve can offer a great solution.

Stainless steel is naturally a very hard material, and often these clamps can only be pressed using machinery. However, the stainless steel swage sleeves from Staalkabelstunter are designed to be easily pressed even with a manual crimping tool.

Do keep in mind that the pressing force of a stainless steel swage sleeve is lower than that of an aluminum or copper wire clamp.

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