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The hanging kits are easy systems for hanging paintings, lamps, pipes etc etc.

Finding that great lamp is already not easy. It's quite a job, but once it's hung properly, the result is worth it: your home is cozy and attractive when it's beautifully lit. To make sure that your lights, for example, but also paintings or clocks are hung properly, you can use mounting suspension kits.

With a handy attachment hanging kit, you will have everything you need on hand for hanging that great lamp. But when hanging a lamp, not only is the hanging kit important, as there is more you need to think about. Always make sure the lamps are not hung in the walkway and if there is no other way, make sure they hang high enough! You don't want to bump your head, do you?
You should definitely maintain a height of 2.15m in front of the walkway! The ideal height for a lamp above a (dining) table is about 80cm from the top of the table. You can find more useful tips about hanging lamps or mounting suspension kits online.

Whether you should choose one or more lamps above the (dining) table all depends on the size of the table. For a larger table (2.60m or larger), we recommend multiple lampshades or pendant lamps, as this will give you a better distribution of light. It can be helpful to check out blogs from people who already have experience using attachment suspension kits. That way, you can learn from their beginner's mistakes and benefit from their tips and ideas.

Using an attachment suspension kit can save you a lot of time and effort. You have everything at hand and you can easily order the entire kit online from your supplier.


These days, you can find a handy hanging system for almost anything. Just think about a hanging system for art or paintings or, for example, a hanging system for lamps or painting hanging system. A hanging system is handy, saves space and also looks neat and professional.
The Technx hanging system allows you to effortlessly attach hooks and cords to the hanging system without tools. The hanging systems are more affordable than the hardware stores around.

Even for ties and shoes, you can find hanging systems these days. With any painting hanging system, it is important that you start looking at how to use it and, of course, how to hang it. Consider the type of wall you have and whether you can attach the hanging system to it and what the dimensions of the room and of the hanging system are.

With a hanging system for paintings and wall decorations, for example, you need to consider how long the wall is, where the system will hang and whether the wires or the hanging hooks, which are included, are suitable for the length of the room. Fortunately, you can find a lot of helpful tips online, but also most retailers are willing to help you select the best hanging system for you and answer all your questions.
In this section you can choose: view product, click rails, frequently asked questions and hanging system wall, need help? feel free to contact us. Hanging a painting becomes a piece of cake! No need to think if we are open tomorrow we are open and have hanging system for paintings, these are mainly metal and not in the color white.

There are even hanging systems with lights, The hanging systems from steel cablestunter hang LED lights, paintings effortlessly, without complicated hanging wires and hooks.

Especially if you are renting a house or an office space and you do not know how long you will stay there, using a hanging system for curtains, lamps and, for example, art is a better idea than permanent fixings, which, by the way, also often leave ugly holes in the wall when you remove them again.

ceiling suspension system
Most ceiling hanging systems these days don't even require tools, screws and nails, so extra handy for those with two left hands. With a hanging system you can keep a room tidy, neat and orderly and if you are planning to move again, you can simply take your hanging system with you. Surf the net and find out what options are available to you.


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