• Technx Suspension kit Wire Rope 4
  • Technx Suspension kit Wire Rope 4
  • Technx Suspension kit Wire Rope 4

Technx Suspension kit Wire Rope 4

Hanging up quickly and easily with hanging kit 4. Hanging set for lamps and other objects.
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Hanging kit 4 is a super handy kit to hang up anything quickly and with just a few actions and minimal tools.

The steel cable has a thickness of 1.2mm and a length of 1.2 metres

Maximum weight: 10 kg


Test your construction by slightly overloading it during installation.

(this is a static weight, no rights can be derived from it)

The set consists of 3 parts:

1. The rosette for ceiling mounting.

2. The steel cable for hanging at the right height

3. The hook with self-clamp.

The self-clamping mechanism allows you to flexibly correct the height before and after hanging up.

Step 1:

- You determine the right place for the rosette before installation. To do this, use the 3 holes in the rosette.

Step 2:

- This is where you attach the steel cable in the rosette, blocking the soldering end in the rosette.

Step 3:

- Then take the hook with the self-clamp and pull the other end of the wire rope through the self-clamp. Pierce the cable all the way through so that it passes through the eye of the self-clamp. Then pull the cable through to the desired length.

The steel wire rope can be easily released from the self-clamp by lying down and pressing the cable holder.

Nico R Posted on 30 November 2017 at 09:31

Erg tevreden
Voor de aanschaf heb ik telefonisch contact gehad over advies. Werd erg vriendelijk geholpen en werd tijd voor gemaakt met goede uitleg. Zou normaal moeten zijn maar dat is het tegenwoordig niet meer. Advies was ook prima en heb oa de ophang 4 kit aangeschaft. Ben erg tevreden, bedankt.

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