Custom steel wire rope

The advantages of custom work

If you are planning to do a specific job or if you need special wire rope for making, for example, cable with end stop or a special grip joint with different dimensions, you can consider ordering custom work.

Staalkabelstunter delivers custom work up to a diameter of 2.5mm - From 100 pieces.

A supplier of perfect custom work of high quality is Staalkabelstunter. Discuss your needs, specify the correct dimensions and this specialist will deliver perfect and affordable custom work within the shortest possible delivery time. They work with the greatest precision on every job in order to be able to deliver the desired end result to the customer.


What is customization?


With customization, you can have your own piece of craftsmanship made entirely according to your wishes. Whether it's steel wire rope with special connections or certain constructions of steel wire rope, you can compose your own product with custom work. The big advantage of custom work is that you get a steel wire rope that is made up of the right amount of strands and therefore has the thickness that is extremely suitable for the purpose for which it will be used.

The custom solution you get is specifically tailored to all your needs. As a result, it is functional, ready for use and you are never stuck with products you never use anyway. You provide your requirements and a professional does all the work. In this way:

You can make use of a product that is made specifically for you. Everything is made to fit and when you order steel wire rope, you get exactly the composition that is best for your end goal.
You have no superfluous material and you only get the product you need. If you determine exactly the material you will use, you will never have a surplus and you can complete a job in the most economical way.
Can you save time and calculations. You can also have specific connections made ready-made so you don't have to have all these specific tools yourself.
You can save costs with custom work

It goes without saying that you like to work with steel wire rope with a long life span so that you can enjoy your end product for a long time and save on maintenance costs. Steel cables consist of many steel wires, which are twisted together so that you get strands. Because when the steel cables are loaded, the different steel wires move past each other, friction is created.

If your construction is not correct or if low quality materials have been used, the steel cables will wear down hard which in the long run causes maintenance costs. If you order custom steel cables from a true professional, you don't have to worry about this. Because everything is custom made for your job and only high quality products are used you get a steel cable of excellent quality.

De Staalkabelstunter is the specialist in the field of customization

Not only does De Staalkabelstunter have knowledge about steel wire rope and wire, but also about the accessories such as wire clamps and tools to edit steel wire rope, they can give you the best tips and information. You can order custom work for galvanized steel wire, plasticized steel wire, iron wire, clotheslines and much more. In the case of customization, the order will be delivered completely customized. This way you can get started right away and be sure that everything will fit to the millimeter.

In case you need, for example, steel wire rope for a wet room you can have stainless steel wire rope made to measure. Stainless steel cables are designed for places where absolutely no corrosion may occur and where high temperatures can occur.

In case of customization a fast delivery

If you want to order custom-made cables, it's best to do this with an expert in this field. The employees of Staalkabelstunter have years of experience in making custom products and therefore know exactly what they do. De Staalkabelstunter also has a large stock of cables in all designs and sizes so that your customization can be made within the shortest possible delivery time.

It doesn't matter whether you want to order custom made products for your fences, stairs or balustrades the experienced staff will take the measurements and wishes and will also think along about what the possibilities are. Another additional advantage is that all custom work is produced in an environmentally friendly way.




In Rotterdam there is a work of art by Auke de Vries which is popularly known as the Clothesline.  The artwork is 182 meters long and consists of custom steel cables. Steel cables are often used for works of art as you can see on the website of Staalkabelstunter. 



Beautiful works of art with custom steel cables.



In Rotterdam there is a work of art by Auke de Vries known popularly as the Clothesline.  The work of art is 182 metres long and consists of made-to-measure steel cables. Steel wire ropes are more often used for works of art as you can see on the website of the Staalkabelstunter. 

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