Wire clamp with hex

Wire clips you can use to make a stop on your cable. Or for making a loop. The Allen wire clamps can be tightened with an Allen wrench. 

Available in brass and stainless steel.  

CG series - the cg series socket wire clamp allows you to make a loop and has 2 socket screws that press directly on the cable. Can also be used as an end stop, where the cable only goes through the clamp.

Wire rope stop socket - The wire rope stop socket is a solid stainless steel ring with a single socket head bolt. Super tight and often used to make an invisible connection at shelves. 

Wire rope stop socket TWIN - These two equivalent parts are pressed against each other on the cable and provide a high force on the cable. 

Wire rope plug simple. With the wire rope stopper, there is an indentation in the stopper in which thread is tapped. In this is an Allen screw that can be put on the thread. Suitable for lighter applications.


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