Clothesline with all clamps and tensioners in 1 package.

Clothesline package

There is little nicer than sleeping in a bed with sheets that have just been taken clean off the washing line outside. They smell so good! Apart from the fact that laundry smells so good when it is dried outside, it is also good for your wallet and for the environment not to use a tumble dryer. And since we love full clotheslines with fresh flapping clothes, today we give you some tips to make the most of your outdoor clothesline.

A child can do the laundry

With this clotheslines kit from our web shop, you can easily make your own clothesline. The supplied clothesline tensioners and clothesline clamps make assembly very easy. The screw hooks are automatically included. A complete clotheslines kit like Emma consists of:

- 20 metres of clothesline
- 6 tensioners
- 12 screw eyes of 60mm
- 20 wire clamps of 3mm with nuts.

One of the biggest advantages is that you have everything together in advance. This way you have a good insight in advance of the costs you will make. You then know exactly what is included and what you still need to take into account.
Do not forget to use the turnbuckle
A clothesline tensioner is ideal for tensioning your washing line. The tensioner ensures that the washing line is always taut and your laundry doesn't just fall to the floor. A clothesline is also an option, but your laundry will dry fastest on an old-fashioned clothesline. If you want to bridge a long distance, we recommend our clothesline tensioner. Would you like a tailored advice, our customer service is ready for you. Just contact us and it will all be taken care of. View our wide range in our webshop and order online directly!

Also for the balcony
A washing line in the house takes up a lot of space, so if you have the option of hanging one on your balcony or along it, this has a number of advantages. Outside in the wind your laundry dries quickly and if you stretch it from wall to wall on your balcony, you don't have to worry about your laundry getting wet when it starts raining, because it is nice and sheltered.
The materials you need to make your own clothesline on a balcony are also easy to order online from us. By letting your laundry blow dry and hanging it out nicely, you also have much less ironing to do. Moreover, hanging out the washing is one of those less tedious household chores. You are out in the fresh air and, when you take your laundry off the line, you will notice that nothing beats the smell of laundry that has dried outside.
Tips for drying laundry with a clothesline kit
You often cannot see it with the naked eye but when you wipe a damp cloth over it, you immediately see how dirty such a clothesline gets. Dust and pollen floating through the air clings to the clothesline and you don't want them in your clothes. Cleaning the clotheslines before hanging up the washing often saves you from having to do the washing again.
Don't have enough pegs and lots of washing? Then use one clothes peg to secure the ends of two garments. Or use different sizes of clothes pegs. If you don't hang out your laundry too wide, you will have enough space to dry a lot of laundry. It will dry a little slower this way, so if you do have the space, make the most of it.
The sun has a natural bleaching effect on laundry. The bleaching effect is perfect for white garments, as it only makes them whiter! But for coloured garments, it is disastrous if they get lighter. So turn everything inside out before hanging it on the line. This way, you will see fewer pinch marks and the pockets of the jeans will dry faster.
Do not leave laundry hanging outside on the clothesline at night. The washing will become clammy again and it will certainly not smell better. Do not leave the plastic laundry basket outside in the sun either, as this will cause the plastic to soften and break down more quickly. Take the clothes pegs off the clothesline when the washing is dry, otherwise they get dirty and break down faster.


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