Complete steel cable sets for making fences.

Fencing packages - packages for making fencing or a balustrade


Many architects' hearts often beat faster because of steel wire rope and this material has therefore been used by architects for a very long time. Steel wire rope can be used to make railings, fences and in all kinds of other constructions such as roof structures. We supply packages for making a fence or a balustrade.

Packages for making a railing or a balustrade

Do you want to renovate your stairs and do you want something different? Do you have a free-standing staircase? Then you can work with many techniques and materials. Perhaps a horizontal balustrade is something for you. Such a balustrade looks very modern and immediately gives your staircase a beautiful and extra appearance.

A horizontal balustrade has very clean lines and is a real eye-catcher. You will see that your staircase immediately attracts the attention of visitors and that you will receive many compliments. It is also a beautiful, trendy way to create a minimalist style. This fits perfectly into a modern interior and is therefore excellent for people who are looking for something other than that traditional vertical handrail.

A trellis or a balustrade of steel cable

A balustrade of steel cable can easily be made yourself. And with some good advice from our customer service team you can achieve a great end result. The ideal thing about working with steel wire rope is that it can be beautifully incorporated into any interior. Not only for your staircase at home but also for the stairs of your office or any other business environment. A balustrade or fence of steel wire gives every interior a boost.

A balustrade of steel wire can also be useful when you are planning to secure your roof terrace or want to make a nice fence along a balcony, swimming pool or a step. In this way you increase safety and at the same time it looks beautiful. This way you, your children and your pets are protected against dangerous situations.

A railing or balustrade on the boat

A steel cable railing or a balustrade is not only beautiful and safe at home but also on boats you can build a steel cable railing or a balustrade to prevent your children or your pets from getting into the water. We are experts in steel wire rope and accessories, so let us inform you how to tackle such a job.

Balustrade kit with stainless steel wire rope 5mm

In our assortment we have the Balustrade kit for making fences around a balcony, in the garden or near a swimming pool. The wire tensioner with clevis is machine-pressed, giving the balustrade a sleek appearance. A balustrade of stainless steel wire offers an elegant, modern alternative to traditional materials and provides the perfect combination of style and functionality. A balustrade or wire mesh is the perfect way to breathe new life into an existing balustrade or wire mesh or to create a new construction. Packages of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 metres are available in our webshop.


So if you like a sleek and functional interior, go for a modern style. The modern interior is all about clean lines, functional design, simplicity and a luxurious look. Dark shades are often combined with a lot of white. The large amount of white creates a light space, which optically appears more spacious. And that, of course, goes perfectly with a balustrade or a steel wire fence.

Feel free to ask

As we mentioned earlier in this blog, once you have decided to install a steel wire balustrade you can also assemble it yourself. For any tips you can contact our team of employees. As a do-it-yourselfer you can then get to work at a time that suits you best. You can also save a lot of money, because if you have to go to a company, it can be quite expensive.

It is also useful to always read the product description carefully because it describes the specifications and often also how many screws of what type you need. But when you order a fencing package, you are relieved of that worry.


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