Simplex wire rope clip with 1 screw

Simplex wire rope clamp is one type of commonly used wire rope clamp. This wire rope clamp has a simple design, but with strong and high corrosion resistance. It can be perfect for making eye loop connections or full loops in the cable, we also have duplex cable clamps as an option.

Made by plate and wire forming not forged, so it's produced can be very fast and easy with its price is very cheap.

Material: Zinc plated iron & stainless steel

Size: From 2mm to 8mm

Applications: Not for overhead lifting

Can mainly be used with 7×19 construction, not suitable for any 1×19 construction cables or 7×7 construction 4mm and above (can be used with 7×7 construction cables up to 4mm diameter). 

The estimated breaking load of the metal wire clamp is 50% of the breaking load of the cable.

**Not suitable for overhead lifting**

Steel Clamp HS Code: 732690


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