Packages for guiding lindens, climbing aids and vertical gardening.

Green packages - packages for making lean-to constructions for trees and other greenery

We love green facades and living walls. We enjoy making the world a little greener. We are happy to help you develop a sustainable green façade or living wall. With steel cables you can make larger spans in a relatively simple way. Steel cables are extremely durable and you can hardly see them with the naked eye. Living walls not only look fantastic, but they also have many other advantages. A living wall cools, dampens sound, increases biodiversity and creates cleaner air, among other things.

Create a green wall with our green packages

Green makes streets and neighbourhoods more pleasant and liveable and a green façade is made in no time. Also in your garden or on your balcony. But there is not always enough room to plant a lot of green. In that case, facade gardens offer a solution. With the right preparations, you can transform your façade into a lively vertical garden in no time at all.

Think carefully about which plants you want to plant in your façade garden. Take into account the amount of sunshine and the humidity of the soil. If you place your plants in the right place they will stay healthier and require less maintenance.

Greenery kits for windrowers

This group of plants does very well with a vertical climbing aid of stainless steel cables. There are right-winding species such as the honeysuckle, left-winding species such as the wisteria and species that wind in both directions such as the bridal veil. Ask our customer service which greenery pack you can use best.

Greenery pack for making slate constructions for support climbers

These slate plants such as the clematis or a grape need a horizontal climbing aid. They quickly grow like a veil over the supports. Winter jasmine and climbing roses also belong to this group. For these plants, too, you can get useful advice from our customer service department.

Greenery kits for the creation of trellis-forming plants

Rankers or rank-forming species need a mesh-like network. Examples of these climbers are the woody vine, the clematis and the vine. Our customer service team can give you advice on how to attach these mesh networks.

The advantages of a living wall

A living wall adds colour to your home in every season.
Climbing plants and espaliers enhance our surroundings and give us peace of mind.
A living wall is also a resting place for small animals.
Green walls attract birds: they make their nests in them and eat the seeds and berries.
A living wall outside means fewer spiders and insects in the house.
A green wall filters fine dust from the air and absorbs CO2, which is good for the climate.
They provide cooling in summer and act as a natural air conditioner.
They retain the heat of the house in the winter and thus save energy.

Which steel wire rope is best to use for a green wall?

For steel wire rope you have come to the right place. A good size for steel wire rope is 4mm. Always use stainless steel cables and not galvanized cables. If the protective layer is damaged, galvanised cables can still rust. Not only will this shorten the lifespan of the steel cable, but it will also increase the chance of rust stains on your wall.

Green kit for guiding grapevines

What could be better than picking grapes from your own grapevine? You can let your grape grow wild or choose to guide it. Often, guiding is a better option because you can decide which way the grape will grow. For example, you can guide it nicely along your conservatory or a fence!

We have also put together a special package for guiding grapevines. With this package you are ready to guide a grape bush in one go. With six stainless steel grape-guide screws, you create three lines of stainless steel cable. These can then be attached without using wire tensioners. The cable can then be terminated with the PVC end caps.

On our website, you can find more advice on routing greenery and see exactly what our greenery packages consist of. We wish you much gardening fun!

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