Plant Climbing-aid kruisscrew stainless Trellis 3mm

Artikelnummer: 7738

Barcode: 7423645218235

Plant Climbing-aid kruisscrew stainless Trellis 3mm

Artikelnummer: 7738

Barcode: 7423645218235

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Green - Climbing rack threaded screw - Climbing racks - Façade vegetation system - Green Wall. Plant guide screw climbing aid 3mm

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Product information

Rvs climbing aid 3mm

Great solution for making buildings greener, both indoors and outdoors. High-quality stainless steel ensures an exclusive look. The climbing aid system can be combined with 3mm stainless steel kabel.


  • Ross screw with cross clamp
  • Platted connection for open-end wrench
  • Thread M8
  • Wall distance 65mm

Installation advice:

    • Determine your climbing aid points.
    • Drill holes of 10mm
    • Place a plug S10
    • . Join the cable at the beginning and end to screw eyes

This conductor is only suitable to guide the wire rope, and not to be used as a wire rope stopper.



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Enjoy a beautiful, green garden

What could be nicer than picking grapes from your own grape bush? You can let your grape grow wild or choose to conduct it. Conducting is often abetter option, because you can then determine which way the grape grows. For example, you can lead it along your conservatory or fence!


The ideal conductor for your grapevine

In order to be able to accompany your grape beautifully, you need a cable along which it can grow. This cable often has to be attached to wooden beams or a wall. With these druiven conductor screws you make sure that the cables straighten and good finish.You screw the conductor easily where you want it and a cable of 3 mm.

      fits through it.


A beautiful finish

    • Simple assembly - You can easily screw the conductor screw into the desired location. Then guide the cable through the top and secure it with the supplied nut.
    • Suitable for any type of wall - Due to its design, this grape guide screw is suitable for almost any type of wall.
    • Exclusive appearance - Thanks to the beautiful stainless steel finish you are assured of an exclusive appearance.
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Plant Climbing-aid kruisscrew stainless Trellis 3mm

Plant Climbing-aid kruisscrew stainless Trellis 3mm

0 reviews

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