Drain Hole Remover Cleaning Tool G16 - 7.5meter x 6.5mm

Artikelnummer: 50072

Barcode: 4012695937932

Drain Hole Remover Cleaning Tool G16 - 7.5meter x 6.5mm

Artikelnummer: 50072

Barcode: 4012695937932

6 reviews

Sink spring unblocking funnel model - Cheapest pro unblocking spring from NL!

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Product information

Professional funnel unblocker.

This makes the spring easy to store. The spring steel dirt spiral is convenient and hygienic to store. This hopper can also be operated with the screwdriver.


  • Floor thickness 6.5mm
  • Length 7.5 metres
  • Feather head 12mm

The plunger may only be returned if it has not been used.



Span a drill or screwdriver on the G16 - preferably with variable speed. Make sure that the machine is earthed or double insulated. Unscrew the wing nut. Feed the drill head through the drain sieve and slide the spiral into the drain pipe until the blockage is reached. If the drill head cannot pass the sieve, use the other, straight spiral end. Then tighten the wing nut and turn the spiral clockwise with some pressure until the free spiral part enters the outlet. Unscrew the wing nut and retract the unblocker about 15 centimetres. Repeat this until the drain is free. Do not overload the spiral. Let the drill head do the work!

Download the Cabere unblocking springs folder.


ChengPlace on 12 November 2017 at 12:51

I have had a blocked drain for a year and I always saw it cost the expensive plumbers. Sometimes it is useful to see what kind of material the plumber uses. Well, I have noticed. At first I had my doubts, but the Cabere G16 had helped me well. I finished within 15 minutes. The blockage was immediately remedied. This makes a difference to my wallet again. This is highly recommended for the house handyman.


PaulPlace on 8 January 2017 at 14:45

There has already been a plumber and we still had problems with the drainpipe under the house. It is impossible to count how many chemical products I have already tried to solve the problem. Also not with vinegar and backing soda. I had my doubts about purchasing this tension spring, because the discharge pipe under the housing has a larger diameter than the max. 4 cm this tension spring stands for, but by letting the drill bit rotate the spring at a slow speed and with policy letting the spring move back and forth through the pipe, the job is finally done. What a relief. I should have done this a long time ago.


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Pros and cons

  • Hygienic storage
  • The cheapest in NL and UK


  • Material
  • Spring thickness
  • Max. tube dia40mm
  • plus
  • plusHygienic storage
  • plusThe cheapest in NL and UK

Product video

Peter van der Veen 30, Aug, 2021

Super trekveer. Gekoppeld aan de boormachine en voorzichtig de veer in de afvoerleiding zijn eigen weg laten volgen op een laag toerental. De verstopping zat verderop in de leiding naar de standpijp toe, maar de Cabere G16 had er geen moeite mee.

Martin 22, Apr, 2021

Uitstekende website. Heb een rioolveer gekocht. Snelle levering en prima film over hoe de veer te gebruiken.

Pieter Webeling 25, Mar, 2021

Doet wat het belooft. Scheelt loodgieterskosten.

Dries 23, Dec, 2020

1 woord, TOP!

Nico 02, Dec, 2020

Hier sluit ik mij bij aan : Voordeligste prof ontstoppingsveer van NL!
Met een gewone trekveer is het lastig om een 90 graden bochtstuk door te komen. Met de G16 en een accuboormachine gaat het prima. Links en rechtsom draaien en de veer zoekt zijn weg door de afvoer. In ons geval een verstopping dieper in de afvoer opgelost zonder een (dure) loodgieter. Zeer tevreden dus!!!

sunny 21, Sep, 2020

Vandaag opgehaald na een weekend met een verstopping te zitten (plastic clip van douchedrain in afvoer vast) met dit apparaar binnen 15 minuten van probeem af. Opgehoopt haren blijven aan de veer hangen, helaas de plastic clip niet gevonden. Hopenlijk is deze nu in de hoofdriolering. K raad dit 100% aan. Metname met de boor aansturen is handig. Iedereen moet dit in huis hebben. Groeten van Sunny uit Amsterdam

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Drain Hole Remover Cleaning Tool G16 - 7.5meter x 6.5mm

Drain Hole Remover Cleaning Tool G16 - 7.5meter x 6.5mm

6 reviews

23,95 In stock

Ordered before 15:00 on working days? Send directly

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