• galvanised connecting bolt and nut M6x80
  • galvanised connecting bolt and nut M6x80
  • galvanised connecting bolt and nut M6x80
  • galvanised connecting bolt and nut M6x80

galvanised connecting bolt and nut M6x80

Allen bolt galvanized connecting bolt and nut M6x80
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4 pieces of galvanized bolts with 4 barrels for furniture construction kits

Bolt: m6 x 80mm, (80mm from bottom of head to end of thread) Thread length 40mm
Cup: 15mm provided with socket 4mm recess

Tub or Cross Nut: 14mm high, 10mm diameter. provided with 6mm thread


In search of a connecting bolt to secure a certain construction? With a galvanised connecting bolt you have the perfect extension for your furniture or building kit. In this kit there are 4 pieces of these connecting bolts, including 4 barrels. This package therefore contains everything you need to use a connecting bolt effectively. One bolt has the following dimensions:

  • The bolt: 80 mm. The 80 mm is measured from the bottom of the head to the end of the thread.
  • Thread: 40 mm. This is measured in the length.
  • Head: 15 mm. The socket of the screw has a 4 mm recess...

And the corresponding dimensions of the barrel are:

  • Token: 14 mm x 10 mm. This means that they are 14 mm high and have a diameter of 10 mm.
  • Thread: 6 mm. The thread is 6 mm long.

The fact that the connecting bolts are galvanised means that they consist of metal covered with a layer of zinc. This layer of zinc provides extra protection. As a result, the connecting bolts are protected against rust, so that they last longer. This makes this product also suitable for outdoor use. Thanks to the zinc layer, there is good protection against water.

Do you currently need a connecting bolt for a furniture or building kit, for example? Then this M6x80 is an ideal product to use for this. Thanks to the galvanised metal, the quality of the material is particularly high. Because of this, these bolts will last for a very long time. For a good connection in the long run, it is therefore important to use high quality products such as these. You will then be on the right track to assemble an effective construction. Whatever you use them for, the galvanised connecting bolt ensures increased quality.

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